How to choose and apply blush

Putting on a blush can certainly freshen up a person’s face without much effort.  It will make a person look vibrant even after a hectic day at work or in school. There are several guidelines that you...

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How to Use Eyelashes Curler?

Eyelashes bring beauty to eyes, long eye lashes are desired by everyone. Long eye lashes are attractive and make people notice the eyes.  Everyone is not blessed with long eye lashes, so girls can use eyelashes curler to make eyelashes look long, curly, wider, and brighter.

How to use eyelashes curler is the main question which should be answered before anyone uses an eye lashes curler.

Eyelashes curler can be used in the following ways:

TIP # 01:

Don’t apply mascara before using the curler on the lashes, as it won’t give good results. It works best on clean lashes, if you have applied the mascara by mistake; use the curler after removing the mascara and make up from the eyes. If a girl uses the curler with mascara on eyes, the lashes can stick to the curler.

TIP # 02:

Don’t heat up the curler too much, as it can burn the lashes. If it has heated up, use a blow dryer to cool it up and then use it on the lashes. They work best when they are slightly heated.

Tip # 03:

Don’t use the curler on one eyelash for more than 30 seconds, as it is more than enough to curl up the lashes. It would be good if the curler is applied only once in a week or on occasions, as if it is used regularly it can damage the eyelashes permanently. So, How to use eyelashes curler should be answered greatly by the manufacturers to help the customers.

TIP # 04:

Hold the eyelashes curler near the root of the lashes, and hold there for around 20 to 30 seconds to see the perfectly curled lashes. The longer you hold the curler on the lashes and the curlier it will get, and if it curls up too much it won’t look good.

TIP# 05:

Never pull the curler off the lashes, open it and then remove it from the eyelashes. By pulling it out of the eye, the person may accidentally pull out their lashes which will hurt definitely. This can even spoil the shape of the lashes and make them look dirty.

TIP # 06:

How to use eyelashes curler is the question which is answered by several curler manufacturers. Just read the instructions on the manual present in the curler box, before using it. This will definitely help the person in getting appropriate results and using the eyelashes curler in the best possible way. All the instructions are given step by step on the manuals and can easily be used by the user.

Having long and beautiful lashes is desired by anyone and eyelashes curler can help in getting it.